ANST - Measuring Bows

James Crouchet jtc at
Sat Aug 23 03:42:13 PDT 1997

> don't rember which. They are also talking about upping the poundage
> to 50 lbs at 28 inches with the antibounce back becouse of the
> increased drag. 

Which reminds me...

I think that measuring all bows at 28 inches is one of the least 
functional things I have seen the SCA do to archery. It is no mystery 
to any archer that people of different sizes have different draw 
lengths. The helm changes the draw length too.

All decked out in my gear my proper draw length is 19 inches. On a 
30lb (at 28") bow that gives me 15lbs. Poo.

Yes, I can overdraw off the the side, but that ruins the aim. What 
good is range if I can't hit the target?

What makes sense here is to have folks cut their arrows to their draw 
length (duh!, just like you do when making a real set of arrows) and 
then measure the draw length off the arrow. Simple enough.

"But they could cheat by switching arrows!", some say. Yeah, so? They 
can cheat NOW by switching BOWS. At least this gives folks less 
incentive to cheat.

M. Doré 

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