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Tue Aug 26 05:35:08 PDT 1997

uhmw stands for ultra high molecular weight. You use the uhmw for the head
of the arrow when you put 1" of closed cell fome on it. Most glues will not
stick to uhmw so the best head is 1" long just incase it should break it
sill won't go into a helm. Becouse glue does not stick to uhmw the hole that
the shaft is pudhed into should go into the head about 1/2 way 1" head 1/2"
hole, the hole is the same size as the shaft so that you have a tight
fitbetween the head and the shaft. Ten feet is so long becouse 10 time 12 is
120 but you would get about 100 heads you lose the saw curf (cut) plus you
have to have the fiberglass to make the arrows 4 of them from 10' of rod so
you need 250 feet of fiberglass rod, it is not the cost of one arrow it's
the cost of all the arrows you have to make to get thelow price of that one.
Then their is shipping UPS will not take 10' pices so it will have to be
shipped commerical freight. If/when they become legial I may just buy some
and see if I can sell them.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdom of Ansteorra


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