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Tue Aug 26 07:42:17 PDT 1997

Greetings all,

I am formerly of the Outlands (moved to Bryn last month). I have done
some arching before. Golf tubes, although safe, really aren't an
effective weapon unless configured as a crossbow bolt or used at close
range. I witnessed the new fiberglass arrows with the rubber rabbit
blunts. These are an archers dream and a heavy's nightmare. There will
be no doubt in the fighter's mind when they get hit. They are fast,
small, and deadly. In all, an excellent weapon.

 The "bounce back" was prevented by placing a short piece of golf tube
in place of fletching and fastening it to the shaft with fiber tape.
The shaft of the arrow is covered lengthwise with fibertape. That is,
the grain of the fiber runs parallel with the shaft from end to end.
Fiberglass shafts are preferred as they will mush like rattan and not
splinter like wood. The blunt and the tubing are slightly wider than 1
inch and will prevent them from entering the grating on the helm.

However, I am told that fiberglass becomes brittle at low
temperatures. Can anyone confirm this?


Mark Hinkle                      Team OS/2    IEEE     SCA
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---harry billings <psobaka at> wrote:
> Don't know about the cost of screening but lextan is about $1.00 for
a piece
> that covers the eye/nose area. Yes the screening was required
becouse of the
> 3/4 inch blunt. You have to admit that 3/4 inch blunts would add some
> realisum to missle combat(they are still limmeted to 30# at 28").
The range
> is not a lot different just harder to see coming at you.
> >
> >Yes, but didn't An Tir use to use arrows tipped with no more than a 
> >rubber rabbit blunt? Wow, talk about an arrow you couldn't dodge
> >would never see coming! TWACK!
> >
> >Anyway, I think the 3/4 blunts were the original reason for the 
> >screen. Fighters here would really scream if they had to buy
> >Hey, how much does it cost to get the screening?
> >
> >M. Doré
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