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Tue Aug 26 09:43:50 PDT 1997

At 10:22 PM 8/25/97 -0500, Dieterich wrote:
>The information I have on HG Timothy is based on a conversation I had with
>the young duke at Estrella War two years ago.  As I recall- but my memory
>has been known to fail- he used the words 'West', 'crown', and 'I'.... he
>may have meant 'out west', as in Caid being on the west coast, but that
>wasn't the impression I got.  The right person to ask is probably my knight,
>his former squire brother.  I suspect he'll know, but if there are any
>Westies listening out there in cyberland they'll most likely tell us sooner
>than I can ask.

Timothy has never been King of the West, just Caid and the East.
Christopher of Houghton, if I recall correctly, has West, Atenveldt,
Outlands.  There are several other twos -- Cariadoc of the Bow (Middle and
East), Frederick of Holland (East and West), Ronald Wilmot (West and East),
and the aforementioned Christopher achieved this by moving from one place
to another, and there are several people who stayed in one place and
reigned twice while the Kingdoms changed around them.

  --- eilis o'boirne, Western lurker


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