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Lord Larkin O'Kane larkin at
Tue Aug 26 11:00:39 PDT 1997

On Sat, 23 Aug 1997 03:42:13 -06:0, you wrote:

>I think that measuring all bows at 28 inches is one of the least 
>functional things I have seen the SCA do to archery. It is no mystery 
>to any archer that people of different sizes have different draw 
>lengths. The helm changes the draw length too.

The key is MAXIMUM poundage for a bow.  

>All decked out in my gear my proper draw length is 19 inches. On a 
>30lb (at 28") bow that gives me 15lbs. Poo.

I agree that the max seems to be a bit too low.

>Yes, I can overdraw off the the side, but that ruins the aim. What 
>good is range if I can't hit the target?

The solution to this is practice with the helm on.

>What makes sense here is to have folks cut their arrows to their draw 
>length (duh!, just like you do when making a real set of arrows) and 
>then measure the draw length off the arrow. Simple enough.

I don't see that this would accomplish anything that isn't already
done.  Have I missed the point here?  What difference does it make if
the arrows are cut to the length of draw?


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