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Kateryn Heathrydge heatherford.manor at
Tue Aug 26 09:33:20 PDT 1997

I remembered something this morning, I'm not sure if it's feaseable,

I was once told of a MoC activity called "Felt Rocks".  It requires hot,
soapy water and a lot of wool, maybe carded, probably raw.  You wash a
small chunk of wool till it's drenched and beyond, then spread it on a
flat surface and roll it into a tight ball, not unlike rolling clay. 
Repeat until you have the size rock you desire, then take the ball and
run it thru the dryer on hot til dry.

The gentle who told me about this said the children made and dried these
rocks, then, that day, there was an indoor melee.  The smalls got to go
to a balcony and throw their rocks at the fighters.  She said it was very
safe and the fighters knew they were hit.

I would check with your fibre arts people about this, but I think you
could even dye the wool to your household colors :). . .

Kateryn Heathrydge
Grimfells, Calontir

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