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Carl John Hess cjhess at
Tue Aug 26 15:30:28 PDT 1997

> > An Tir has required archery screening for all archery battle
> > scenarios. However, they don't allow archers in every battle, and
> > not every war welcomes archers.
> Yes, but didn't An Tir use to use arrows tipped with no more than a 
> rubber rabbit blunt? Wow, talk about an arrow you couldn't dodge and 
> would never see coming! TWACK!

Yes, they use "fouling blunts" and they are taped, but the tip is pretty
small.  Unfortunately, your draw is limited to 30lbs at 28 inches.  The
arrows weren't too hard to dodge.  However, crossbows had the same tip and
draw lbs/length requirement.  Therefore, at 12in of draw you have about
50lbs of pull (I'm not a math guy, so don't flame my multiplication). 
Those were hard to dodge, and hard to ignore.

> Anyway, I think the 3/4 blunts were the original reason for the 
> screen. Fighters here would really scream if they had to buy screens. 
> Hey, how much does it cost to get the screening?

We used to use 16ga expanded metal, and just tape it over the grill-work on
the helm.  A sheet (4x8) of expanded metal was pretty cheap, and it was
enough to outfit a whole bunch of fighters.  I never paid for screening, I
would just offer to fight for someone who had it.

C. Scipio Hunger for Battle


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