ANST - Measuring Bows

James Crouchet jtc at
Tue Aug 26 19:13:18 PDT 1997

> For instance I pull 26" and am next to you, you and you pull 32"
> you get killed and I run out of arrows and pick up yours. If my bow
> is 30# at 26" and I start shooting your arrows and pulling them
> back to the full draw mark I have gained about 6 to to 15 lbs for
> draw weight1/5 to 1/2 again as much force and no one can tell I
> cheating.

1. My understanding has always been that what you have at the 
beginning of a battle is it. No gleaning, no borrowing. YOU must have 
the arrows YOU shoot inspected before the round. That rather 
eliminates the borrowing scenario.

2. Cheating is pretty easy. I have yet to see a war where it would 
not be simple to switch bows after inspection. A shorter string would 
do it too. Probably lots of other possibilities. If someone is trying 
to cheat, they will find a way.

3. The whole borrowing scenario seems a bit farfetched as something 
on which to base this severe of a limitation.

M. Doré

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