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Kief wrote (among other things which I'll leave to others to argue...)
<<On the rapier side of the issue Ansteorra has banned the
Thistle Missile from "regular" melee use. (Rightly so I feel; given the
on an unarmored throat or temple.) However, I would like to see our archers
have the use of all good and new technology. What does the Rapier Community
think of the idea of using "Schlager helms" and leather or metal gorgets to
protect these "target zones"? Also, are there any other problems that you in
the Legion see in the use of archery on the Rapier Melee field?>>

Hell no.  

Reason # 1.  You leave  kindeys, kneecaps, wrists, fingers and other easily
damaged areas I'm sure I forgot unprotected.   I'm not sure what a thistle
missle would do to a wrist, but it would do ugly things to a kneecap it
caught sideways, or an unprotected kidney, or a finger holding a sword.  

Reason # 2 The first or second dent in my face 16 guage perforated faceplate
came from a foil.  I would not put it in front of thistle missles more than
once.  schlagers ar bad enough.  

Reason # 3 I know that arrows do on rare occassions get shot within ten feet.
 I've been hit with one before it completely left the bow.  A TM at that
distance would have done more than hurt like *#@! . 

Reason # 4  When I initially brought this up to Haroun at Fall Melees when I
was rapier MIC I refuse them because I didn't believ they were safe.  We
agreed that they would be tested and evaluated from there.  I fully expected
to be the target of evaluation, but since I was the one questioning them I
had to observe, and Leah was the guinea pig.  The first and only TM fired
from roughly 20-30 yards, hit her in the stomach and put her on her hands and
knees, barely able to breath.   That is the only time that I have EVER heard
her admit to being hit too hard.  

After witnessing reason # 4,  I simply will not ever agree to thistle missles
being used on the rapier field.

Iago (who tries really hard to be open minded, but sometimes can't)


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