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Tue Aug 26 21:43:27 PDT 1997

Heilsa all Good Folk and True...
Kief here...typing away...using HL Lorraine's account...!

To me, kinfolk, beauty is in excellent function. Form follows function. If
the weapon was to be used for more than a brief time, then it would follow
that the weapon would be well made, well fitted, and the use of some type
of preservative would be used. Smooth finishing and hand rubbing with oil
would help in the longevity of the weapon. And as all soldiers know, bordom
leads to adornment...adornment of any and everything you have. So, it may 
well follow that period seige weapons would be embellished. Any poor or weak
design would be destroyed in relative short order or rendered non-functional

by the elements... In time a really well build seige weapon would have taken
on the personality of it's crew... So, it me at least, a bit of personal
decoration would add to the "periodness" of the weapon. Case in point: Most
all "heirloom" swords, lances, knives, armor, etc. had some type of personal
modification done to them. Why should crew served or individual seige weapons
be any different? 
Just my $.02 worth...

Sir Kief...

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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