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James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Aug 27 00:29:11 PDT 1997

> The 16 ga. expanded metal works well for 3/4 inch "blunts" however,
> it doesn't work at all for the nock end of an arrow. The openings
> need to be less than 1/4 inch in diameter to be effective in
> preventing entry. As others have said; Lexan works as does
> perforated metal, as well any solid faceplate with hand drilled
> holes would work as well, a heavy screen mesh with less than 1/4
> inch openings would also be effective. These "grills" can be added
> to existing helms, inside or out, (with the exception being Lexan,
> it should be added to the inside of the helm) they would be
> removable so the helm can be used in the "normal" fashion...
> Comments?

Expanded metal comes with a variety of hole sizes, including some 
small enough to catch a nock. Even with the larger stuff, the nock 
would have to hit perfectly to enter and considering how rare nock in 
the face situations are now, that would be very unlikely.

Lexan stops ventilation and that is no fun. Expanded metal breaths 
better than most perf metal too and costs sooooo much less. Consider 
that heat injuries are common -- I would guess it's our number 1 
problem -- and nock injuries are exceedingly rare. In my book that 
make the Lexan more of a hazard than a protection.

M. Doré 

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