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James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Aug 27 00:19:03 PDT 1997

> (The West Kingdom , I believe, have either fixed or
> removable "screen" type grills that fasten to the regular helm. What
> are your comments? I find that Balder Blunts, Thistle Missiles, and
> Markland tips to be OK...although the Thistle Missiles hurt like the
> blue blazes when fired from 10 to 20 feet away... Again, comments
> are requested on this "problem the first".


1. Let's phase in fiberglass ASAP. I think we are doing this. No 
broken shafts means no pointy sticks.

2. The grill just seems like a damn clever idea. I would have agreed 
with Larkin that it is a stretch to ask the armored folks to modify 
their stuff so I could play -- until I realized that such grills cost 
about $1-$2 and can be quickly taped to the helm. Piece of cake. 

3. There are 1 1/4 inch nock covers that have been developed, but 
they are talking about using 50lb bows to offset the extra drag. That 
alone speaks worlds about how much they screw up an arrow's flight, 
and if you think getting hit with a Thistle Missile from 15 feet 
hurts from a 30 lb bow, try it from a 50 pounder! Ouch!

4. Balder blunts are great, deliver a noticeable but gentler hit and 
are all but indestructible. Phase them in.

> Problem the second: On the rapier side of the issue Ansteorra has
> banned the Thistle Missile from "regular" melee use. (Rightly so I
> feel; given the impact on an unarmored throat or temple.) However, I
> would like to see our archers have the use of all good and new
> technology. What does the Rapier Community think of the idea of
> using "Schlager helms" and leather or metal gorgets to protect these
> "target zones"? Also, are there any other problems that you in the
> Legion see in the use of archery on the Rapier Melee field?

Yes, I have suggested the gorgets and Baldar Blunts. The archery 
marshal told me that Baldars would be almost certainly be banned from 
rapier due to their similarity to the Thistle Missile.

Legal masks already cover the temples with a 12 Kilo mesh -- plenty 
for our archery. The gorget finishes the package.

I would LIKE to see helms all around. In particular, I am looking
for someone who can do an aluminum or VERY light steel lobster pot.
The top could be done spangen helm style if aluminum (because it is
hard to dish) or fluted if thin steel (for strength). The light
weight is not just a matter of convenience; a heavy helm makes it very
difficult to call any rapier head shots that I do not see come in. A 
perf metal face would complete the rig.

Not only would I like to have such a helm, I would like to see an 
armorer continue to offer them to others. I imagine the day when we 
simply do not have masks on the field.

> Next I'd like to solicit comments on archery on the melee field in
> general. I would like to propose, at any War or melee, the doubling
> of the number of battles... *grin* The first battle would have
> archery. At the end of the encounter the field would be gleaned of
> all missile weapons. Then the fight would be repeated, but WITHOUT
> the archery. This would give the archers and marshals time to
> separate and inspect the missile weapons without a delay in the
> overall fighting.

Cool thought. You know, there is nothing to keep you from doing it 
now. Propose it for an up coming event -- Fall melees...Gulf War -- 
and get the fight-o-crat to go for it. If it works it might become 
standard. If you believe in it, try it.

Don Doré

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