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Tue Aug 26 23:21:17 PDT 1997

>> The 16 ga. expanded metal works well for 3/4 inch "blunts" however,
>> it doesn't work at all for the nock end of an arrow. 


>Expanded metal comes with a variety of hole sizes, including some 
>small enough to catch a nock. Even with the larger stuff, the nock 
>would have to hit perfectly to enter and considering how rare nock in 
>the face situations are now, that would be very unlikely.

Agreed, looks like a good solution. Although the perf. metal is "prettier".
Remember that perf. metal can have goodly sized holes in it so it can "breath"

>Lexan stops ventilation and that is no fun. Expanded metal breaths 
>better than most perf metal too and costs sooooo much less. Consider 
>that heat injuries are common -- I would guess it's our number 1 
>problem -- and nock injuries are exceedingly rare. In my book that 
>make the Lexan more of a hazard than a protection.

Ya, Lexan, while being easier to see through is a solid chunk of clear stuff,
doesn't breath well at all. Expanded metal cannot be used as a "replacement" would have to be placed over the existing faceplate. While perf.
metal could be used as a removable faceplate...being exchanged for the
"regular" grill work. Excellent points!

>M. Doré 

Waes Thu Hael...
Sir Kief

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