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Tue Aug 26 23:41:46 PDT 1997


Kief here (again...)

>greetings all!

>Sir Kief wrote

>> Do you have an opinion on Balder Blunts (tm) yet? 

>I like the Baldars. I feel that the uniformity of construction help make
>them safer than TM's. However, when we were testing them, we (Plachoya and I
>) noticed one bad tendency. When fired at an angle,say, hitting 30-45
>degress off perpendiculer, they would "catch" on the shield (or whatever you
>hit) and instead of bouncing off, they would flip around nock first.
>This is not a "good thing" (tm). My worst senario of this could be a hit on
>a fighter whose shield is angled up somewhat, producing a flip nock-first
>into the face.

Ya, the "new" grills would solve the problem though...


Sir Kief


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