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Salut, Cozyns, 

Lyonel aisai.

In favor of the exapnded metal grills, Savein suggested:
>>Lexan stops ventilation and that is no fun. Expanded metal breaths 
>>better than most perf metal too and costs sooooo much less. Consider 
>>that heat injuries are common -- I would guess it's our number 1 
>>problem -- and nock injuries are exceedingly rare. In my book that 
>>make the Lexan more of a hazard than a protection.

to which Sir Kief responds:

>Ya, Lexan, while being easier to see through is a solid chunk of clear stuff,
>doesn't breath well at all. Expanded metal cannot be used as a "replacement"
> would have to be placed over the existing faceplate. While perf.
>metal could be used as a removable faceplate...being exchanged for the
>"regular" grill work. Excellent points!

I never cared for the look (very 20th century industrial) or feel (nose
heavy) of the expanded metal grills.  What if we drilled holes in a lexan
sheet?  It could be tucked inside the grill of a helm, so it wouldn't
scratch and get tape-gummed, and the holes would allow us to breathe.  Am I
missing something?

lo vostre por vos servir

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