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>>When fired at an angle,say, hitting 30-45
>>degress off perpendiculer, they would "catch" on the shield (or whatever you
>>hit) and instead of bouncing off, they would flip around nock first.
>Maybe this could be alleviated by not making them so round on the ends.
>Thistles and Marklands are cylindrical, which is probably why they don't
>roll around. Maybe if the Baldar heads had flat surfaces with rounded
>corners, like this:
> _____
>/     \
>|     |
>|     |
>|_   _|
>  | |
>  | |
><swhite at>
My understanding was that the Balder was specifically designed to stick.
The concept being that an arrow that
stuck would be more likely to be called both because a glance would be felt
more, and if it stuck it would land
closer to the person it hit.


Argylwydd Madog Cochfarf
Og's Head Brewery
Bryn Gwlad

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