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>>>>>Several times in practice and combat I've seen the following: An archer fires a bolt or arrow at a "target" it hits either shield or helm. A square on hit.The missile bounces straight back or nearly so and with goodly force.<<<<

Having played a little bit with plastic and rubber chemistry, and the physics involved in arrow design, there's inherant problem in trying to eliminate bounce. The higher the elasticity of the rubber, the greater the bounce (Balder's are probably the worst offenders, but the round tip makes them likely to flip as they bounce, where thistles bounce straight) Anything that absorbs the energy (reduces bounce, ie foam) will reduce the impact (with brings us back to Marklins). There are thermoplastics out there that convert recoil energy into heat, but they wouldn't be cost effective. One possibility would be some sort of contained absorbtion system (like a very light dead-blow hammer)...again, probably not cost effective, although I may play with it and find out...

Which brings us to screening. What's the problem with using 1/4 hardware cloth? It's cheap, flexible, has a hole diameter les than 1/4", and should protect from bounce back while still allowing you to breath and see. No, it's not very strong, but I don't think it has to be-It takes a LOT of energy to expand the wire mesh enough to let an arrow pass, and it would have to hit the hole dead center, which ain't real likely.

Alaric Styrr
called TuhTahl of the Moritu

...who hates combat archery because he has a whole lot of target area, but really likes the concept

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