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J'lynn Yeates jyeates at
Wed Aug 27 09:55:57 PDT 1997

On 27 Aug 97 at 11:02, Mark Harris wrote: 

> I seem to remember a number of illuminations showing siege towers
> and engines.  No, they are not the equivalent of modern engineering
> drawings or even Leonardo De Vinci's (sp?) drawings but we use such
> works for the details on clothing so they should work here also. I
> will go digging in my library. There are also a number of detailed
> drawings in Payne-Gallway's Crossbow book of siege engines but I
> will have to recheck this to make sure the Victorian ideals are not
> creeping in. 

many years back while researching a term paper on the "development of 
the science of ballistics" i came across some illustrations of roman 
artillery from latin sources ... if i can find that group of papers 
(with my notes ... want to get them transferred to computer and 
rework some of the papers) will send along the references.



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