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Wed Aug 27 16:59:03 PDT 1997

Okay, I've given my two cents on screening, but...

>>>>I would like to propose, at any War or melee, the doubling of  
the number of battles... *grin* The first battle would have archery.  
At the end of the encounter the field would be gleaned of all  
missile weapons. Then the fight would be repeated, but WITHOUT the  
archery. This would give the archers and marshals time to separate  
and inspect the missile weapons without a delay in the overall  
fighting. Also, it would give all of us a chance to see exactly how  
much the archery effects the outcome of the battle... Comments?<<<<<

Aside from the fact that I'm usually using that down time to regain  
the energy that I used and lose the heat that I gained during the  
battle, and this scenerio would force me to QUICKLY get in better  
It would be an interesting experiment, although I'm opposed to  
legislating it ( "You MUST have two versions of each battle" would  
be looked at dimly if I was planning a melee event)
However...those who have non-fighting spouses might well find  
themselved disowned in short order <grin>, or the necessity of  
running two versions of each scenerio would limit the variety of  
scenerios available in a given melee, which I'd be opposed to...

Alaric Styrr
called TuhTahl of the Moritu
and part time arrow magnet

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