ANST - Knock proof helms

harry billings psobaka at
Wed Aug 27 19:07:14 PDT 1997

I don't know if perf lextan would hold up. You use the lextan under the
existing bars, if yo were going to use 3/4" blunts then perf metal or
expanded metal would cover the rest of the face opening. Sir Jon tested
lextan by shooting it with a 50# bow or about that weight with both a field
point and with a broken knock on the point end from 10 or 15' all it did was
scrach the lextan. Also a gental just ran some test on lextan if I can find
them and a request is made I will post them to the list or privately.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdom of Ansteorra


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