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> In a message dated 97-08-27 02:40:15 EDT, Sir Keify writes:
> > Next I'd like to solicit comments on archery on the melee field in
> > general. I would like to propose, at any War or melee, the doubling
> > of the number of battles... *grin* The first battle would have
> > archery. At the end of the encounter the field would be gleaned of
> > all missile weapons. Then the fight would be repeated, but WITHOUT
> > the archery. This would give the archers and marshals time to
> > separate and inspect the missile weapons without a delay in the
> > overall fighting.
> >>Cool thought. You know, there is nothing to keep you from doing it 
> >>now. Propose it for an up coming event -- Fall melees...Gulf War -- 
> Great idea- better yet ( and this ought to get me skewered like a
> porcupine
> at the next Gulf War)  lets put all the archers in the woods and let
> them
> spend the day killing each other while everybody else is having fun on
> the
> field   :>)))
> Bors
Bad Bors!  Bad, naughty Bors!  Bad, naughty, wicked Bors!  You must
be spanked!

Hee, hee, hee, hee!

- Galen

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