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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Aug 28 08:35:42 PDT 1997

Gunnora Hallakarva said:

>	Actually, guys, if you make your drawpoint such that the string touches
>the tip of your nose and the bottom of your chin without a helmet, you can
>use the exact same draw in a helmet without much adjustment to your

>	The advantage to such a draw...

Different drawpoints can be seen in different medieval illuminations.

The main disadvantage of this draw that I can see is the reduced draw
length. On target archery this may mean that the bow is not being drawn
to it's optimum position but this may not be a problem. If you want to
compensate get a stronger bow. In SCA combat archery where increasing
the bow draw wieght is not an option, you may not be able to directly
compensate for this. But the increase accuracy may compensate.

The bow draw wieght does not vary linearly with how far the bow is
drawn, so the reduced draw length may not be as bad as anticipated
depending upon the bow and whether it was overdrawn or underdrawn

I think this different draw is certainly worth looking at.

My opinion on the combat archery is that we should keep the standard
draw distance for our measurements. And in particular, the rule against
gleaming or borrowing another archer's arrows. I think it is all too
easy for an archer used drawing say, a 30 inch arrow to draw a quickly
picked up 28 inch arrow past the safe draw point. It is true that we
don't have points on our combat arrows, but I think the danger in this
out-wieghs the slight gain.

Stefan li Rous
markh at


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