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Don Wilkinson almar_b at
Thu Aug 28 12:02:26 PDT 1997

Heilsa Brothers and Sisters
Any of you who know me know that I have perm 14 ga metal over my eyes.  
After a few years now .....actually after the first woods battle at 
Pensic, I would never want bars on my helm again.  
  A little modification to your helm and a small cost is a very small 
price to pay for "almost" fool proof safety for your eyes!  If one would 
be interested, a helm my even be "upgraded" to have that safety 
permenant.  For those who are concerned that this may cause a lack of 
sight, the only time I have any trouble in any way shape or form is in 
those torch light tournies where the torches are lacking.  I think my 
helm looks ok, but then again it was designed for perf metal.  Just my 2 
cents worth....

 Please lets not tease Baron Bors with a spanking!!!  He might like it!

Wæs Þu Hæl

Almar Bjarnklo

P.S.  I have been in touch with the manufacturers of Tenis balls.  I am 
tring to get a few hundred free ( rejects) for the kingdom.  So far the 
best I found is .30 cents each!?  I have one more person to 
cross your fingures!

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