ANST - Safe helms....ect...

Dieterich cjw at
Thu Aug 28 13:37:09 PDT 1997

Almar hacked into a large stone the following:
>Heilsa Brothers and Sisters
>Any of you who know me know that I have perm 14 ga metal over my eyes.  
>After a few years now .....actually after the first woods battle at 
>Pensic, I would never want bars on my helm again.  
>  A little modification to your helm and a small cost is a very small 
>price to pay for "almost" fool proof safety for your eyes!  If one would 
>be interested, a helm my even be "upgraded" to have that safety 
>permenant.  For those who are concerned that this may cause a lack of 
>sight, the only time I have any trouble in any way shape or form is in 
>those torch light tournies where the torches are lacking.  I think my 
>helm looks ok, but then again it was designed for perf metal.  Just my 2 
>cents worth....

Truthfully, I like Almars suggestion quite a bit and have admired his helm
for some time... very safe design and I think the perforated metal, when
painted black does less to ruin the aesthetics of an open-faced helm than
our goofy sport grills.  It also doesnt chew up a chainmail drape as bad as
the bars should you decide to use that tactic to improve the historical look
of your equipment- a technique I wish more spangenhelm owners would use, I
might add.

Ooooor..... although less economical, you could go to a closed-faced helm-
an armet, great heaume, pig-faced bascinet... heck, go all the way and get a
nice german sallet!  What could be better than that?  A safe, tres-chic,
period helm from the same folks who brought you the Messerschmidt and the
BMW... *bliss*.

Dieterich ;)


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