ANST - Face Protection

James Crouchet jtc at
Fri Aug 29 23:56:43 PDT 1997

> I have some thoughts about Combat archery.  I feel like it is very
> difficult to assure that helm modifications, sometimes viewed as
> temporary, are well constructed and up to standard.  Wouldn't it be
> easier for every one to wear some sort of goggles or eye-shields? 
> This seems to be much safer than to trust a removable perforated or
> expanded metal screen.

Safer? I don't think so. Consider that the goggles:

- Don't breath well (i.e. sweat you can't wipe out of your eyes)

- Don't protect the rest of your face

- Don't work with the 3/4 inch blunts, where those are used.

- Cost a lot more than expanded. I don't know about perf.

In short, they are better than nothing, but not better than 
perf/expanded. I speak as someone who owns a couple pair. I wear them 
as a marshal, but I would be very unhappy if I had to wear them under 
my helm.

Monsieur Doré


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