ANST - New Ansteorran Rules

James Crouchet jtc at
Fri Aug 1 22:02:39 PDT 1997

Several people have asked me for copies of the Ansteorran draft rules 
for rapier combat, so I am going to put them out on my web site (URL 
at the bottom of this page). They are not there yet (it is currently 
6:00pm on Friday the 12th), but I will get them onto the web by 
tomorrow morning.

There are two flavors: the text version and the Word version.

The text version is actually a couple of revisions out of date, but 
98% of it is still accurate. The text version also lacks the rules 
committee's comments and annotations.

The Word version is a self-extracting zip file. It contains the most 
current version, along with full notes, comments and Marshal's Guide 
& Fighter's Guide references.

If you have comments to make on these rules, I would like to have 
those comments. Feel free to e-mail them to me at jtc at I would 
like to hear from out of kingdom folks as well, but if you write to 
me please identify what kingdom you are from (that goes for you 
Ansteorrans too). I don't mind anonymous comments (if you feel the 
need) as long as you identify your kingdom.

If you like shorter and simpler, you should like these rules. We have 
chopped them down from 22 pages + a few more bits & pieces to 7 flat. 
We have reduced the regulation of honor in the rules and dropped a 
lot of specifics to address most weapons and situations as general 
cases, thus giving the fighters more flexibility. The rules for foil, 
epee, schlager and fiberglass are all rolled up together, which 
eliminates a lot of duplication.

A few of the things we actually do on the field were changed to allow 
us to roll all those weapons forms into one set of rules, but most of 
what we actually do will be the same familiar forms we Ansteorrans 
are use to.

We also made a couple of changes to bring us into compliance with 
corporate rules. I have studied the rules for most of the different 
kingdoms over the past few weeks, and I don't think I saw ANY that 
were fully compliant with the Corporate rules. I hope ours do better. 

A final word: these are DRAFT rules. Do not print them out and 
distribute them as rules. They are NOT our official rules yet and by 
the time they are signed they WILL have changed. If you are looking 
for the current Ansteorran rules, look elsewhere.


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