Questions about War of the Lilies(Long)

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at
Mon Feb 3 00:44:17 PST 1997

Timing: 5 hours from Northkeep.
When: June 13 - 22.  

>It's an *intra* knigdom war (Calontir) so it doesn't get the 
>numbers that other *inter* kingdom wars do.
Just to keep things interesting they try to theme each year 
differently.  The year they had everyone west of the Mississippi vs. 
everyone east was a great time and they had crowns pr princes from 
most of the Kingdoms.  This years theme IIRC is the "Thirty Years War".  
Those who are 30 or older vs. those younger.  

Other events sponsored by individuals or groups occur every day.   
One group sponsored a "13th. Century tourney".  In order to enter the 
lists you had to have gear which approximated the 13th. C.  They 
built a gallery and while all were invited to watch but only those in 
13th. C garb populated the gallery.  

>I still had a good time. I love wars, what can I say? Merchants are 
>pretty good. In some ways it's bigger than Gulf was last year 
>(merchants) and in other ways smaller (number of fighters on the 
Some other peculiarities.  They have Royal University of Shear Havoc  
(RUSH) classes everyday for those not involved in the fighting.  
There is usually an great deal of activities for archery as well 
including one of the most interesting hunts I've witnessed.  At one 
station they had bird blunts for the archers to use and a series of 
kites which were made to look like ducks etc and even flapped their 
wings.   Minor variations in the wind would cause the wings to flap 
faster, the kites to suddenly change postion, etc.  It was a real 
challenge and great fun to watch.

Also, the last couple of years they have experimented with holdng the 
fighting _after_ 3:30 in the afternoon in order to avoid the heat of 
the day.  I do not know if they plan to continue this practice.  
There is always at least one torchlight tourney.

>The weather is pretty warm with high humidity. You'll come off the 
>field soaked so drink LOTS of fluids.
Expect 90's and high humidity.  There is usually an evening breeze 
off the lake.  Plenty of swimming.

>Their directions aren't always the best so make sure you get lots of 
>different sources for your directions.
The site is on the northwest side of town on Smithville lake.  Take 
the loop highway (270? or 235?) around KC to the NW sector.  Take 
either US-169 due north to Smithville and then east on ???(Hmmm, need 
to look this up.)  Or take 35 north toward St. Joe and look for the 
smithville exit.  I'll try to provide better details upon request.  
It is actually fairly easy.  There are showers on site and hotels 
within 7-10 miles.

Per the query about web info:
>Some data has been added to the Lilies web page:

>I would encourage Ansteorra to attend Lillies War. For some of us it's 
>closer than Gulf.
Agreed, I've only missed two since they started.  There is usually a 
strong contingent from Northkeep.  Thorvald and Angus from here 
usually go up for the first weekend and sponsor a party on Monday 
night.  You bring a favor or something simple you've made with your 
badge  upon it and they provide the keg.  


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