Muskogee group

Leslie Miller Miller at
Mon Feb 3 08:58:13 PST 1997

I met with the new group in Muskogee OK this Saturday.  
There were 15-20 people at the meeting, and more who couldn't make
it, so there seems to be quite a bit of interest.  They plan to take
it slowly, but may be coming to the Northern Regional event as a
group. (Many thanks to Piotr, Britta the Red, and company for helping
me out.)  

Incidentally, for those Northkeepers on the list, the rumor that Ian
Gillfilan is associated with this group turns out to be totally and
completely *false.*  Let's kill the rumor now before it does any harm.
(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, good, you really don't need 
to know. :-) )

In service etc.
In guise of Northern Regional Seneschal

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