Candlemas feast

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Mon Feb 3 16:06:07 PST 1997

I meant to tell you the feast sounds exquisite!!! I am looking forward
to it.  I am also at your disposal if you need ANY help in the kitchen
or any equipment.  Please let me know!

Looking forward to Candlemas,


Dottie Elliott wrote:
> Greetings to all!
> This is a listing of dishes that will be served at Candlemas:
> Bread & Butters
> First Course
> ------------
> Soupes Dorry (sort of a french onion soup)
> Chicken Crowned with eggs  (chicken stew)
> Autre Vele en bokenade (veal stew)
> Blaunche brawne (cold jellied pork)
> Armored Turnips  (baked turnips & cheese)
> Bolas (pears in plum sauce)
> Second Course
> -------------
> Roast meat with sauces (want venison - probably be veal)
> Frumentary  (this will either be cracked wheat or barley)
> Meatballs in Saracen Sauce (lamb in red sauce)
> Egredouncye (sweet & sour pork)
> Caboges in potage (cabbage chowder)
> Apple Fritters  (fried battered apple slices)
> Honey Almond Candy
> Baroness Clarissa di Firenze, Head cook for Candlemas

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