Run! Run! Gnith's website goes live!!!

Scott White swhite at
Sat Feb 1 09:00:23 PST 1997

OK, now that the online contest is over, it's time for the official launch of:

        Gnith's Repository of Martial Know-How!

My goal in creating this site was to provide info that will help spark
interest in new fighters and help them build the equipment they need to get
them on the field. This site is a little more irreverent than most SCA pages
you'll run into. It's less about 'thees' and 'thous' and society politics
and more about the reason I joined this organization in the first place -- FUN!

Current articles include:

* How to build deadly 'Gnith Gnat' throwing axes!
* How to build a deadly curved aluminum shield!
* Photos from the deadly Crusade of the Three Kings and Bordermarch melees!
* The Sad Saga of Gnith's Deadly Catapult!
* Grooming tips for deadly Picts!
* Gnith's Deadly Pit o' Despair!

With more deadly articles on the way after the wars!

Hope you'll stop by and have a look. If you would like to link to this site,
please feel free. And if you know of any sites that provide related
information, please send 'em my way for the links page.

<swhite at>

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