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Baker, Mike mbaker at
Wed Feb 5 07:25:00 PST 1997

> The only thing that surprises me is the fact that there weren't more
> ballots cast. It seems odd that there were 20 nominees, but only 19
> ballots. Someone had to recommend these 20 people, unless people
> nominated more than one individual. Maybe people thought, as I did, that
> being nominated was an honor itself. *shrug*


I know that at least one nominator did not vote (myself, as compiler of the 
votes). The originator of the award did not vote. As list maintainer, could 
you let us know an approximate average count of accounts subscribed? Number 
of voters as a percentage of subscribers might be interesting. It could also 
be unbearably depressing, come to think of it.

Remember also that each nominator had three possible nominees, and only 
three votes later.  Even with the duplications among nominations, I was 
actually a little surprised (and pleased, in a way) that 16 individuals 
received votes.

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