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`wolf wrote ...
no more rude and obnoxious than some the drooling cretin who use's 
what was once a harmless and fun "tradition" to force their 
attentions on those who do not desire them.  - in my opinion, it's been misued
enough that it's become "tainted", and a object of humor and should fade into
well-deserved oblivion.

- While I typically simply watch this sort of discussion, I must interject my
2 cents in this case.  On one hand I agree with you and on the other I

In my time in the SCA, I have seen many sods act exactly like what you
described, but not even one such case had anything to do with cloved fruit. 
As you said he had a rep for being a problem.  What he was doing is at minimum
sexual harrassment and at maximum "assault".

I don't care who you are or whether you are doing it under the "guise" of a
game or what. Sexual assault is against the law.  It is not cute or funny and
we as a group should not put up with it.  

I applaude you stepping in and helping your friend.  I hope to see this sort
of intervention more often in both the SCA and in the "mundane" world.  

However, you can not blame cloved fruit any more for this person's "sick"
problem than you can blame a woman for wearing "tight" clothing for a rapist's

People (including this guy) must be held accountable for their own actions.

Stepping down from her "soap-box"
Crystal Berringer

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