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What do I think about this?

I am a herald in the SCA for two reasons, only one of which is my big mouth.

The other is that I started "doing heraldry" as an eight year old Cub Scout
solely based upon the strength of a _Boy's Life_ article which provided the
basics of blazon and simple emblazon.

I am an Eagle Scout (BSA) and proud of it. Some of my personal life decisions
do not exactly coincide with the views and policies of the BSA National
Council (By the gods, if I have *ever* made an understatement I call you all
to witness that it is writ large here and now...). I still support the ideals
of Scouting as embodied by the Oath and the Law, the Motto and the Code. I
admit freely to interpreting certain points differently now than I previously
was wont to do...

I am in the SCA as much for the perception of honor & trust that I strive to
uphold and forward in *this* organization as that which pervades the Scouting
movement which I also try to support. Time available, and resources, have
dictated that my primary attentions are currently SCA in nature.  The two
organizations share more roots than may commonly be evident (Baden-Powell
cribbed heavily from the Victorian-era views of the knightly codes of conduct
and oaths, and admitted as much in print many times.)

Several Explorer Scout Posts have figured relatively prominently in the
development of Ansteorra. I remember well the enthusiasm and effort of
several of the young people associated with the Post in Wiesenfeur I served
by being listed as an adult leader (the teenagers led themselves very well,
to my way of thinking).  I recall good words being spoken particularly about
the advisor of one such Post in the area once known as Bison's Run, and those
words came as recently as wInterKingdom this year -- just as said gentle was
receiving a Compass Star for work with youth in the SCA.

The editors of the magazine in question SHOULD be brought to task for the
inaccuracies of the article (use of horses in combat by SCA), but I see
nothing further in the text reported third-hand much different than their
current needlessly juvenile treatment of most subjects.  Local cooperation
with the Scouts is worth far more to the SCA than any tiff over some moderate
inaccuracies could gain -- while a full, positive, accurate article in _Boy's
Life_ or even _Scouting_ (adult leader's magazine) could serve the SCA very,
very well indeed.

I could say more on the matter, but I have rambled more than enough for the

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