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I do agree that this article seems to be "harmless" if misguided.  And I do
agree that it would probably be more productive to do as suggested here.

Rather we should say "We saw you  mention us in your magazine.  We'd love to
give you a closer look if you think  this fits your format." Do we perhaps
take our selves a leeetle bit too seriously sometimes?
M. Antoine Dore
Pour vous servir.

But to answer this final question ... I don't think that we are taking
ourselves too seriously. 

I have seen the SCA be described in far worse terms and for that matter in
ways that were legally "slanderous".  And to my understanding the SCA did
respond with legal action.

I think the point that I would like to make is this.

No this article is not bad, but it has the potential to start the wrong
message.  I think that if we really like the SCA and want to make sure that it
continues, that we all must work as "hospitlers".  This type of
misrepresentation is not something that should be dropped on the "highest
ranking peer" or the seneschal or the hospitler.  This is something that each
of us should be concerned with.  The SCA is an educational recreation group
and we should try to make sure that if information is being spread about our
group that this is the message that is going out.

Along these lines, I think that we not only need to be proactive when we
encounter information about our group that is a misrepresentation.  But we
must each be careful when making reference to the SCA to people not involved. 

This includes silly little "PC" things like ...
... We do not "beat people with sticks"
... We "recreat mideival combat"

It may seem silly, but this sort of "off the cuff" comment can be taken out of
context, put into print, spread by the media and can make the SCA look VERY
bad. And when the SCA looks bad it reflects not only on the group, but also on
each member individually.

I guess I got off the original subject of the Boy Scout letter, however, I
think that whenever an issue like this is brought up we have to look at the
big picture and ask what else is involved.

Crystal Berringer

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