Cloved Fruits and Kissing "Games"

Keith Ewing keandbc at
Thu Feb 6 15:22:37 PST 1997

'wolf wrote: 
>from the informal pole here *by teh posting contents), it seems safe
>to suggest that the  vast majority, male and female find this
>"game", intrusive, juvenile, unwanted and have developed amusing
>ways to end the games of the children that insist on attmpting to
>perpetuate it on a adult population that find the game unwanted.. 

   I realize that you called it an "informal" poll, but I don't think 
that reading 10 or 15 posts from the vocal members of the list allows 
you to speak for the "vast majoriity".
   I personally often enjoyed the cloved fruit game. I get kind of 
nostalgic for it. I found it to be fun, amusing and MOSTLY harmless.
   A childish game? Hmm. You mean like dressing up like a Knight and 
playing with sticks, or dressing up like a cavalier and fencing, or 
pretending your a noble lady? Yea, I guess you're right. It is pretty 

Kein MacEwan
(Who refuses to grow up.)

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