Cloved Fruits and Kissing "Games"

P. Crandall Polk pcrandal at
Thu Feb 6 21:01:14 PST 1997

Marc D McKeeman wrote:

> You have nothing to fear from this end, Sorry it seems you all, have
> forgotten how to have a little fun. Something that can give some of us a
> little feeling of hay, I might like to get to know you better.  The fruit
> can be an ICE breaker.    YOU are intitled to your opinion.    That has
> been seen already before on this board, and no matter what any one else
> has to say, It really dosnt matter,.
> Some one asks a simple question about the Fruit thing and there has to an
> army attack,.  OH well, some of still find ways of having fun, in this so
> called game. While others seem to have no other life.

It seems strange to me that you think that Bjornsborg does not have fun
(or a life).
The fun (and life) of Bjornsborg is not limited by any means to the

Tournament of the Lions
Barbarian (the original)
Song of the Picts
The Wind That Blows the Sails (I still need the words)
"Curse You, Rognvaldr Buask!"
The Game of Rock
Celtic Jacks
Spear Catching
Hunting (mud, boar, deer)
Ship Building

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