Subject- Boy's Life blurb

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at
Thu Feb 6 23:59:02 PST 1997

On  6 Feb 97 Mark Harris wrote:

>> Interesting. I wonder why you can get use of Boy Scout facilities and
>> we can't. We've always been turned down by BSA here in Austin. But
>> surprisingly (to me anyway), we have been able to hold events at
>> Girl Scout camps.
>I know for a fact that some members of Bryn Gwlad have helped out at a major 
>Girl Scout event recently.  I imagine it`s a matter of back scratching.  If we 
>made more of a solid connection and helped the scouts with things like archery 
>and such I`ll bet it would be easier to use their facilities.
This may be the crux of the matter.  A couple of things worked in our 
favor.  The scout council which is served by this ranch covers a 
large physical area but low population.  Therefore, scheduling left a 
fair amount of time open where we could pick up time where the site 
would otherwise be vacant.  Also, the scout council which runs this 
camp was virtually bankrupt.  The neighboring councils in Tulsa, etc. 
were willing to absorb them but only if they sold off the ranch.  By 
scheduling us (the SCA)  in they had a source of revenue which 
allowed  them to continue operation of the camp.   The Austin area 
camps may not be hurting for funding or may be fully scheduled with 
BSA activities. 
As of last summer the council had gotten back on its feet and   I 
understand that they are scheduling the camp as far as 18 months out. 
Also, they have raised the per head rate they are charging the SCA for 
use of the site.   Considering the SCA has at least 3 events a year 
there, they may feel they've found a golden goose. 

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