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Fri Feb 7 19:28:10 PST 1997

On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, Scott White wrote:

(snipped to salient points)

> OK, time for ol' Gnith to throw in!
> Instead, why don't we work on developing more positive relationships with
> media providers in general? If we were to gain a little more REALISTIC
> understanding of how the media operates, establish relationships with local
> Simply inviting the press to an event once in a while and letting them run
> rampant is not enough. They'll grab whatever blatant color they can find --
> I've often suggested in this mailing list and other forums that each SCA
> group should appoint a media officer, whether it's an actual 'office' or
> not;

As a past shire historian, I must agree with the heart of thee above.  OUr
shire has two blessings- the first being a gifted PR student who has been
in only slightly shorter than God, and the second being one of our past
members is now editing the living section of the Springdale Morning news.
Assuming the herald still has my old files, there is some *lovely* stuff
in the local papers about us in the past.  Not on teh scale suggested
above, but well thought out, well writen, and well photographed, which is
more than I can say for any articles that were added during my tenure.

IMHO, I think it should be public relations as its own entity.  It should
include the person with a clue about the press, and the gentles who have
clever and interesting ways of catching the eyes of those staring at the
fighters and saying "look what else we do".  While we had the well-tended
eyes of the press and the potential newbies being pleasantly directed
towards teh other, less flashy, aspects of the Current Middle Age, we were
a blossoming and healthy shire.

Kateryn (already corrupted by that evil PR man at home)

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