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E.Preston III & Shelly K.Walker wf3 at
Fri Feb 7 19:57:01 PST 1997

> OK, time for ol' Gnith to throw in!
 I did NOT bring this up to pit the SCA against scouts! The purpose
> was to discuss the SCA's either tenuous or non-existent relationship with
> the media.

This I fully understand. And it is a valid concern. I also come from the
media, radio.
> Threatening legal action against/demanding rebuttal space form a kid's
> magazine because they ran a few sentences that didn't portray our club
> accurately seems like using a sledgehammer to swat a mosquito.  
> Your turn!
> Gnith

I think you are taking the opinions and comments made on the Rialto, and
applying them here. I don't think most of this list is getting mad and
threatening law suits or anything else. I know I've heard that attitude
on the Rialto. 
I also think some very valid comments have been made in this thread
concerning boy scout camps. True, this turns the thread, but that's
Coming from the North, and noticing the good rapport with the Will
Rogers Boyscout Camp, I do hope some others pick up on that and
encourage their local campsites to allow SCA events. Maybe one could
even fall back on the "check with the boyscouts there, and you'll see,
we don't bite". (much) :-)
Britta the Red 


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