Blunts info

Will Ritchie ritchie at
Sat Feb 1 20:37:24 PST 1997

> > 	BTW - I've seen all this as well, and have 75 of 'em on their
> > way to me & my lady.
> > 				Morric
> > (the guy who had those little black egg-shaped bolt heads last Gulf War)
> address / contact info of source ???
> 'wolf

	- If you're asking about the Baldar Blunts, Baldar's e-mail is:
			asgard at 

	- If you're asking about the little black egg-shaped heads, I
made them by sanding my dowel pieces into sort of wine-glass shapes,
glued Kytex disks and 1" ethyl foam cylinders to them, and then sanded
the foam so that the head had the silhouette of an egg, with the
narrow end of the egg facing backwards.  Instead of tape, they were
glued on and dipped in several layers of plasti-dip, the kind of stuff
you find pliers handles dipped in.  They were provisionally approved
for the war, and worked well; problem is, they uniformly tended to
break just behind the head after only a few firings.  
	Hoping one or the other is what you needed,
			Morric (ritchie at

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