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Mon Feb 10 08:14:41 PST 1997

OK, here's a chunk from the Rialto regarding the new combat arrowheads. The
manufacturer's e-mail address is at the end.


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>>: Cyrus Major writes:
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>>: >>but Baldar from 
>>: >>Trimaris is in the process of creating new thistle missile...
>>: > - Does anyone have any further information on this?...
>>: 	It looks like this already went on to archives, but I was
>>: waiting for news per your questions about Gulf Wars/Ansteorra.
>>: 	Duke Baldar has been developing these new blunts for about a
>>: year or so, and has already sold hundreds of them (good thing - he's
>>: got to sell thousands to pay for the injection molds).  Go ahead and
>>: take me with a grain of salt (Baldar is a friend of mine), but they
>>: look to be (IMO) the definitive answer for everyone but the golf-tube
>>: holdouts.
>>: 	They have the range of West Kingdom 3/4" rabbit blunts, 85-90
>>: yards from a 30lb. bow (marklands vary from 60-70 yds. depending upon
>>: construction, Thistle Missiles seem to average about 60, and no one in
>>: Trimaris cared to test golf tubes).  They have a 1 1/2" diameter and
>>: approximate weight of marklands, and are at least as durable/re-usable
>>: as Thistle Missiles (they're molded around a solid nylon disk instead
>>: of a rubber stopper, and are constructed to avoid the twist-breaks
>>: that so often occur just behind the head).
>>: 	It looks like they're a go for Gulf Wars.  They have just been
>>: officially found safe and acceptable by the Marshal and Archery deputy
>>: of the Society, based largely upon testing done in Atlantia.
>>To give credit where it is due.  A large part of the testing was done in 
>>Antir and also in the West, Trimaris and Caid a well as Atlantia.
>>Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, West
>>  The
>>: Trimarian Earl Marshal approved them some time ago pending the Society
>>: Marshal's confirmation, and I've been told that the Ansteorran Earl
>>: Marshal has said that they're OK with him "as long as they don't start
>>: exploding on impact or anything".  They were supposed to have been
>>: passed by Meridies this week, but I haven't heard anything.
>>: 	As for your time line, I just spoke to Baldar tonight, and he
>>: has hundreds of heads in stock.  They run $1.75-2.00 apc., depending
>>: upon quantity (50 I think), and can be ordered with tips in any
>>: basic color.  A web site is still under construction, but his e-mail
>>: is < asgard at >; I expect he has a standard e-mail FAQ or
>>: something, maybe even a flyer.
>>: 				Hope this is of use,
>>: 						Morric
>>: 					ritchie at

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