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R o W robertwestmar at
Mon Feb 10 13:00:24 PST 1997

>often found the SCA's attitude toward media attention to be either 
>reactionary or sadly ill-informed -- especially when media relations 
>is the
>most overlooked component of successful new-member recruitment.

Some groups don't WANT new members.   Example--  the West Kingdom (of all
places!!) seneschal has Forbidden 'on line' announcement of sca event
locations & times.   Further; it is forbidden to disclose a method of
reaching the 'contact person' unless prior permisssion is granted.   It
has been years since an attempt at a press release has been seen.  
Apparently the West Kingdom (at least) is a 'secret society'.  
     If other journalists desire to work out a framework for a PR packet
(great idea!) please count on my help.        
               Bob_Meyer at
               Bay Arts News
aka robert of westmarch KSCA, OP, etc.

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