Ansteorran Hospitalers

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On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, HL William FitzBubba / William H. Herron III
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> [Sir Burke wrote:]
> > The Kingdom seneschal's office issued guidelines for official public
> > contact with the media a few years back.
> Does the Kingdom Seneschal's guidelines override the Kingdom
> Hospitaler, who is granted the responsibility of public relations in
> Kingdom Law?

There's a bit in kingdom law about official officers' handbooks being
kingdom law, so if it's in the seneschal's handbook, it may.  I think
that's the most dangerous of provisions in kingdom law: I have no way
of knowing all of kingdom law, inless the Ansteorran Stock Clerk is up
and running with all of the handbooks.  In that case, it's long and

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