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Tim McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Feb 10 22:16:13 PST 1997

On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, R o W wrote:
> i don't think you actually contradicted me.      me----"Forbidden 'on
> line' announcement  of sca event & times."   you----"exact location of an
> event site cannot be announced in an open electronic forum"

I don't like to get into semantics / dictionary battles; they usually
turn into tedious "I said / you said / 'Webster's' said" cascades with
12 levels of quoting.

But that looks like a contradiction to *me*.  You can announce
whatever you want concerning an event and times, sez she -- the only
info you can't list is contact info (without prior permission) and the
exact location.

> me----"forbidden to disclose a method of reaching the 'contact person'
> unless prior permission is granted."     you-----"no ones name, address,
> etc. will be published on the Web without their prior permission"

Ditto.  No, you *can* "disclose a method of reaching the 'contact
person'" without prior permission.  It just can't involve a name and
address for someone who hasn't agreed.  It could be an intermediary
who has agreed to forward calls.  It could be an anonymous e-mail
forwarding box.  It could be a standard P.O. Box.

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