On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

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Mon Feb 10 20:22:33 PST 1997

On Mon, 10 Feb 1997 20:55:47 -0600, you wrote:

>Here's the questions that I'd like to throw open for discussion by this
>august body.  (Please note:  this is not official, and I'm trying to
>stay as far away from my office as I can within this letter.)
>1)  Does the standard Release for Publication (in your Black Star) grant
>the permission to the Kingdom Chronicler to reproduce the material in
>any official (Corporate-owned) SCA publication, including a Kingdom
>Newsletter on the Web?  (That's the legal question)  And should it? 
>(That's the everyman's question).

I'm not a lawyer so I cannot answer the legal question. Should it?

>2)  How do we balance the privacy of warranted officers (to include
>autocrats in event announcements) against the need for information?  If
>we completely remove the "official" SCA presence from the Web, then we
>miss out on a segment of the population which may prove to be future
>members of the Society.  In addition, we contribute to a lack of
>information about our organization (and give any opponents to the
>Society a chance to make up whatever they want about us).

My name address and phone number and email address are posted. I have
no objections. Junk mail goes in the trash; I hang up on unwanted
phone callers; and the delete button works just fine on my computer.

>3)  (Sorry for the legalese.)  Does the Society for Creative
>Anachronism, Inc., operating as a foreign corporation everywhere except
>for the Northern California Non-Profit Corporation Act boundaries, have
>a legal responsibility to disclose the names/addresses/phone numbers of
>its corporation's officers within a particular area (e.g. a state)?  If
>so, are our local Seneschals (as the legal representatives of the
>Society within their area) defined as the corporation's officers?  And
>is this information readily available to the general public (usually
>through a request from the State Secretary's Office)?

This question is also for the lawyers.

>4)  What information >should< appear on the "official" SCA web site for
>our area (in my case, http://www.ansteorra.org), or in an online
>representation of the Kingdom Newsletter?  Should Great Officers of
>State reports be there?  Lesser Officers of State?  The Kingdom Calendar
>(in an unofficial capacity)?

Everything that is in the paper publication should be in the
electronic one. More if possible. It's a very inexpensive means of
information dissemination.

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