Ansteorran Hospitalers

William H. Herron III wherron at
Tue Feb 11 04:51:22 PST 1997

Burke McCrory wrote:

> This was a change that was added in the August 1994 rewrite of Kingdom 
> Law.

And I remember at the time of the change thinking, "Wow.  Hospitalers
are going to be the Voice of the Kingdom.  Cool."

> They are also covered in various sections of the Ansteorran
> Seneschal's Handbook issued at about the same time which is also
> a part of Kingdom Law (Article II, Section 3p).

But what happens when a Kingdom Officer's Handbook and Kingdom Law are
in conflict?  (Not that this has ever happened in this

> They indicated that the only person able to speak legally for the
> corporation is the legal representative of the corporation,
> the seneschal.  No one ever implied that the hospitaler was not the
> person in charge of public relations

Okay.  One person handles the legal matters, and one person deals with
the press.  ("Police officers over here, reporters over there.")

> As I indicated in my full post the practice is that the Hospitaler,
> Seneschal and other designated persons often speak for the SCA in
> public relations activities, but not as the legal representative.


> Any person can speak about the SCA as a private individual, however,
> private individual's statements are not binding in any way upon the
> SCA.  They are just giving their opinion.  As do you or I when we post
> here.

And yet, you agree that in the context of a public environment (or,
mundanely, in front of a television camera), the difference between a
seneschal and a hospitaler can become blurred.  The general public
doesn't know the difference between the two.  That's what, IMHO, makes
the change in Kingdom Law so significant.

> The comment on "the buck stops here" is in reference to the fact that
> in the event that an office in a group is vacant or not being properly 
> executed in the eyes of the kingdom superior, the seneschal is
> required to assume that office until an acceptable (to the group and
> Baron/ess if appropriate) applicant is found.

Except for the local treasurer's position, which can't be held by the
local seneschal because it violates Kingdom Financial Policy within the
Society Chancellor for the Exchequer's Handbook (a Corpora-level
document).  The only exception to the rule that I am aware of.

> One more point, there is no such office as Hospitaler in the Corpora.
> The duties we are reassigning come from the responsibilities handed
> down to the Kingdom Seneschal.

Agreed.  Much as the Kingdom Chronicler's office handles tasks that have
been delegated to it by the Kingdom Seneschal (smile).

> As to your diatribe on my overlooking the governing documents of the
> SCA, I would like to remind you that I didn't make any of these policy
> decisions.

And yet, Sir, you and I are required to abide by them as an officer of
this Kingdom.

> Nor, was I speaking as a Deputy Kingdom Seneschal.

Here we disagree.  HL William FitzBubba can't get out in the middle of
the Ansteorran Mailing List and issue enough disclaimers to prove to
everyone else that he's not a Lesser Officer of State in this Kingdom. 
I would argue that you, as a highly visible member of this Kingdom, have
the same problem.  People can't tell when you're being Burke, instead of
the Deputy Kingdom Seneschal.  That's why both of us (smile) have to be
careful what we say, less we bring havoc upon our respective offices.

> Your personal attacks disappoint me very much, as you are also a
> Deputy Kingdom officer.

For said "personal" attacks, I apologize.  As you may have noticed, I
remain highly emotional about cases where, IMHO, an Officer of this
Kingdom gives the appearance of violating Kingdom Law.

> I would think that individuals could express their opinions in this
> forum and upon finding differing opinions, engage in a pleasant
> discussion of the Pro's and Con's of any issue.

But we're >not< individuals (smile).  We have a higher responsibility
than that.

> I do not present myself as an expert on all matters, just a person
> with an opinion.  Sometimes right and sometimes wrong.

There may be hope for you yet, Sir.  I believe that's the first time
I've ever heard a member of the Knighthood admit that they could be
wrong.  (smile)

Thank you for a logical (as opposed to my emotional) diatribe.

HL William FitzBubba
Namron, Ansteorra

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