On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

Walker wf3 at icok.net
Tue Feb 11 15:00:01 PST 1997

stddly at SHSU.edu wrote:
> Another Question---
> If the On-line BS prints event announcements in their entirety will
> people have a use to buy the "official version".
> What result do you think it might have on the number of memberships bought?

This question came up the first time Barat published on line. And some
intellegent answers did occur here. To paraphrase, one can hardly carry
the on line version to meetings and events.
And IMOHO, again, we continue to consider ourselves the larger part of
the kingdom. Still less that one fourth of the kingdom is online.
In answer, no, I do not think memberships will be effected because of
the BS on line.
Britta the Red


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