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Tue Feb 11 17:08:45 PST 1997

Mistress Clare states:

>  I have collected a lot of
>information about SCA and period guilds since my persona is a member of the
>Spicers/Grocers Guild in London.  I am fascinated with Women in the
>Medieval Guidl Structure (Not that that has anything to do with SCA guilds)

I have one file on medieval guilds in my SCA Rialto Files:

guilds-msg        (27K) 10/ 4/96    Medieval and SCA guilds.

Clare, I would love to have more information to put in here if you have any
books to recommend or other information that others might find useful.

I'm not sure if this file has any books listed specifically on women in
guilds but it might be worth a look:

WS-bib            (23K) 10/ 5/95    Woman's Studies bibliography.

These files can be found at:

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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