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Crystal B. suggests:

>> What are guilds?
>a group of people with a common (A&S related) interest

I would make that "usually" A&S related. Bryn Gwlad at one time had
an armorers Guild who purpose was not only to work on armor but to
study medieval armor. Though broadly an A&S thing, this is not something
that some would think of when mentioning A&S.

Another guild was the Middle Eastern Guild, which studied all aspects
of Middle Eastern culture and not just dancing or other arts.

>  Guilds
>very often can just happen by having 3-4 people with similar interest get
>together to work on their current project and swap ideas once a month.  It
>doesn't have to be formal. = )

Bryn Gwlad has sometimes had a series of Craft Nights in which people got
togther and brought along whatever project they were working on. Sometimes
communal projects were done at this time also.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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