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eric caladin at mail.io.com
Wed Feb 12 00:13:34 PST 1997

>I cooked the Candlemas feast.  I am looking for comments on the feast 
>about what dishes were liked and not liked. Particularly, I am interested 
>in the onion soup which some liked and some did not. What didn't you like 
>about it?  Comments on the other dishes are welcome as well. I am always 
>interested in improving my recipes and my offerings at events!  Please 
>send your comments to my private email so the list doesn't become 
>cluttered - macdj at onr.com .


THe cheeze goo, was well, cheeze goo... and therefore excellent, I also in
particular enjoyed the peaches, the bread (when covered in cheeeze goo) and
the meat soups (with and without cheeze goo added) there was somethign else
i liked, but i can't remeber what it was now...I guess cheeze goo effects
your memory

and of course the lemonaide.. (grin)

as advertized I was too full to enjoy much of the second remove...

I was less fond of (ie tasted but put aside for more cheeze goo)

The pork pate, cold bland meat while making a nice change of pace to clear
the palatte was not an effective medium for or complement to cheeze goo.

the onion soup.... 

well, it was just not what i was anticipating... either something more like
french onion, (beef broth???) or less sherry more of some other stock, and
use the sweet north carolina onions you can eat like an apple... maybe
sautee the onions i butter first to brin out the sweet??? 
this also was not an effective meduim for cheeze goo. 
It was everything it was advertsed, soup and oniony, but sounded better than
it was, especialy compared to cheeze goo.

All in all there was more of what I enjoyed eating than i could eat,
therefore I'd give it a A- overall, (there were no grapes to hurl at each other)
and you had cheeze goo, an automatic A++ in my book by itself....


P.S> I like the cheeze goo!  
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